(The Iraqi Society for Molecular Genetics Sciences (ISMGS

Iraqi society for molecular genetics sciences is one of the civil society. Founded in 2012, NGOs Directorate, General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers, Republic of Iraq, No.: 1E75590. Non-governmental, non-profit, scientific organization, also is not affiliated with any political entity party formal or semi-formal.

ISMGS aims to identify and support outstanding scientific research activities being conducted by Iraqi searchers and scientists in molecular genetics sciences. It also attempts to set up branches and links in Iraqi cities those have scientific entities willing to participate in ISMGS. This unique public-private partnership promotes international scientific and technical collaboration through grants, technical resources and training.

ISMGS mission

  • To engage in all activities intended to promote in Iraq the development of molecular genetics and genetic engineering as a branches of biological sciences.
  • The Society shall be scientific guided by the exchange of free international scientific cooperation in Iraq.
  • The Society welcomes to scientists and researchers who are interested in the advancement and diffusion of genetics.
  • It also bestows honorary membership, prizes and awards to recognize scientists who have made exceptionally important and distinguished contributions.
  • Members may take advantage of benefits such as reduced registration fees to our meetings, reduced subscription to our future scientific journal, enough information on conferences, meetings, courses and workshops.

Specific research objectives:

  • To increase the amount of fundamental and applied research that is being directed towards critical issues surrounding genetics, molecular genetics genetic engineering in Iraq.
  • Further encourage regional and international collaborative efforts to understand and resolve problems caused by radiations of uranium in agriculture and human health.
  • To promote development of new techniques for management of Animal and Plant Genetics Resources.
  • To develop capacities in Iraq in the use of molecular genetics and related technologies and create opportunities for international research collaboration.
  • To collect phenotypic data and DNA samples from animal, fish and plant populations with history of infectious disease resistance.